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Marabou Crunchy Peanuts Coated With Creamy Milk Chocolate

Experience the rich, velvety smoothness of Marabou M Peanut, where every bite offers a delightful crunch of whole peanuts enveloped in lusciously creamy milk chocolate. This Swedish confectionery masterpiece is more than just a treat; it's a cherished tradition that has brought smiles to faces for generations.

Whether you're looking to sweeten a gathering with friends, add a touch of indulgence to family moments, or simply savor a quiet evening, Marabou M Peanut is the perfect companion. Unwrap the joy of Marabou and let the symphony of crunchy peanuts and exquisite chocolate transport you to a world of cozy contentment.

Experience the timeless pleasure of Marabou M Peanut – the quintessential Swedish delight that turns any moment into a celebration of flavor. Elevate your taste experience and make every occasion special with this beloved chocolate delight.

200g: 7622300790769

Sugar, roasted PEANUTS (20%), MILK POWDER, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, glazing agents (beeswax, gum arabic), emulsifiers (SOY lecithins), colours (E172, E153, E133), glucose-fructose syrup, flavouring.

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