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Plopp Chocolate Bar

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Cloetta Plopp - Swedish chocolate bar with toffee filling

Cloetta Plopp is a Swedish chocolate bar that has been delighting children and adults alike for over 50 years. With its unique combination of milk chocolate, caramel, and crunchy toffee bits, Cloetta Plopp is the perfect chocolate bar for anyone who loves a sweet treat.

The milk chocolate in Cloetta Plopp is smooth and creamy, while the caramel is rich and chewy. The crunchy toffee bits add a delicious texture contrast, making Cloetta Plopp a truly satisfying chocolate bar.

Cloetta Plopp is also a great value for money. It's the perfect size for a snack or dessert. And with its affordable price tag, Cloetta Plopp is a delicious treat that won't break the bank.

So, next time you're looking for that perfect chocolate bar to transport right you back to your childhood, reach for the amazing Cloetta Plopp.


50g: 7310040020726