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Pågen Gifflar Cinnamon Buns

Pågen Gifflar Kanel is a delightful treat that combines soft, fluffy dough with the warm, comforting flavor of cinnamon. These mini cinnamon rolls are crafted with care, featuring a perfect blend of spices that evoke a sense of homemade goodness. Conveniently packaged, each roll is ready to enjoy straight from the bag, making it an ideal snack for coffee breaks, picnics, or simply to enjoy a cozy moment at home. This Swedish favorite is renowned for its quality and taste, providing a sweet and aromatic experience in every bite. Whether shared with loved ones or savored on your own, Pågen Gifflar Kanel brings a touch of Swedish tradition to any occasion. With its inviting aroma and soft texture, it's a beloved choice for those who appreciate classic, comforting flavors.

WHEAT flour, water, sugar, rapeseed oil, brown sugar, vegetable fully hydrogenated fats (coconut, rapeseed), apricot kernels, ALMONDS, skimmed MILK, EGGS, invert sugar, yeast, ground from BARLEY, salt, modified starch, baking powder (E450, E500), vegetable emulsifier (E471), preservatives (E200, E282), thickeners (E440), acidity regulators (E330), cinnamon (0.7%).

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