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Marabou Small Milk Chocolate Candies

Discover the delightful experience of Marabou small milk chocolate candies, where the classic taste of Marabou's beloved chocolate bars is transformed into irresistible bite-sized treasures. Each candy is a miniature marvel, offering the same rich and creamy milk chocolate flavor that has charmed taste buds for generations.

With their new, playful shape, these tiny treats invite you to discover the joy of chocolate in a whole new way. Whether you're savoring them slowly or delighting in their sweetness all at once, Marabou Tiny Milk Chocolate Candies are sure to make every moment a dance of flavors.

Perfect for sharing or for those moments when you crave a little sweetness, these candies are a testament to Marabou's commitment to quality and tradition. So go ahead, let your taste buds twirl with the luscious taste of Marabou tiny milk chocolate candies – a small bite with a big chocolatey promise.

225g: 7622300790820

Sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whey powder (MILK), SKIMMED-MILK POWDER, BUTTERFAT, whey product (MILK), glazing agent (gum arabic, beeswax), emulsifier (SOY lecithins), colour (E172), glucose-fructose syrup, flavouring. Minimum 30 % cocoa.

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