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Estrella Browned Butter & Chilli Potato Chips

Estrella Browned Butter & Chili are finely ridged potato chips with a nutty flavor of browned butter and a mild kick of chili. Voted by Sweden's chip lovers as the winner in the Chip Election 2022, they are Sweden's first crowd-elected chips. These chips are perfect for socializing, parties, cozy nights in, and wonderful weekends. Simply put, they're perfect for any crispy moment. Straight from the chip factory in Gothenburg.

275g: 7310532301951

Potato, sunflower/rapeseed oil, spice mix (WHEY powder (from MILK), maltodextrin, sea salt, salt, rice flour, chili pepper, chili extract, BUTTER powder, natural flavourings, yeast extract, colour (turmeric, anthocyanin)).

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